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Teaming up with The Goblin Court for the first time in an epic ukulele-fueled adventure is Kenji Iida, with his minimalistically beautiful melodies that immediately envelope you in his casually sentimental and wistful atmosphere.

Please take some time to listen to Kenji's other music:


released February 1, 2017

Tracks 1-4 written, performed and produced by Dani House*
Tracks 5-8 written, performed and produced by Kenji Iida**
*Track 4 American traditional
**Track 7 Japanese traditional
Special thanks to Aota for providing cover artwork



all rights reserved


The Goblin Court Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne pseudo-label for goblins, by goblins.
Est. 2007

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Track Name: The Devil's Got Your Hideaway Key - Dani House
You're moving on, I'm moving out
You're passing through, I'm passing out
You're stepping on my steps to leave
While wiping me off on your sleeve
I hold your hand, you hold the door
When I fall asleep you walk the floor
I'm giving what you're giving up
It must've just not been enough
And I'll pretend to sleep
'Cause I always keep it to myself
And I'll never be free
Thought I drove to your house today
Turns out I just drove you away
I just took a chance but you took a break
and when I went all in you raised the stakes
So I'll sleep in, you'll sleep around
And drown me out without a sound
I'm screaming at your Facebook page
The clown on your abandoned stage
And I can't say how it got this way, I'm so ashamed
And I'll never be free
What's the point in locking your heart up
When the Devil's got your hideaway key?
What's the point in running from fear
When it always catches up with me?
Track Name: Down the Drain - Dani House
We walk away, we cannot say
We contemplate halfway insane
Comfortably sore, so sorry for
Finding what's beneath and asking for more
We want to hide, don't try to find
Passive suicide, we can't mind
Don't hesitate, decide our fate
Hallucinate to satiate
The carpet crumbles to a sinkhole in my room
So let's all go down the drain
Where we self-fulfill and can't escape our doom
We fill our cup, we box it up
We blame our luck for what we become
Where have you been? What, why and when?
Carcinogenic to the end
Deliver me from lock and key
To make believe I'm finally free
We never know, we cannot know
Reap what we sow well here it goes

Oh, the sun begins to drown
Oh, the dreams that we lay down
Track Name: Cold - Dani House
Note for note
All my sighs make a winter coat
To keep me alive, 'cause my skin's left my side
Stay afloat
In a mote where your woes are boats
Soon they will capsize with all my crimes
Curse my soul
With a hole that exudes this cold
There's something inside that I'm too numb to find
When I'm gone you can roll my bones
And they won't cease until the end of time